Florida Craft Art, St. Petersburg, FL 
Morean Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, FL
Chihuly Collection, St. Petersburg, FL
The Nelson Gallery, Lansing, Michigan 
Higher Art Gallery, Traverse City, Michigan
Shows and Exhibits
San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, 25th Ceramics Biennial, San Angelo, TX, Juror: Louise Rosenfield
Pottery Making Illustrated, Pattern Play, September/October 2023
• Morean Art Center, Member Show, Juror: Amanda Cooper 
Tim Salen Memorial Award
Workhouse Clay 13th International,  Juror: George Rodriquez
• Red Lodge Clay Center, Juried National VII, Juror: Steven Young Lee 
Director’s Choice Award
Hunterdon Art Museum, Clay Bash, Juror: Jennifer D. Martin, Clinton, NJ
Florida Craft Art: Sgraffito Demo, live stream
Florida Craft Art: Member Show
Art Students League of Denver: delecTABLE, Juror: Andrew Clark
• International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN), 2022, 3rd Annual Holiday Cup Show
• Morean Center for Clay: Feast and Folly, A Curated Collection of Tableware and Decorative Sculpture; Featuring Jennifer Rosseter, Alicia Diem, and Rebecca Zweibel
• International Ceramic Artist Network (ICAN), 2022 Calendar
• Charlie Cummings Gallery: Cup: The Intimate Object XVII
• Florida Craft Art: Environmentally Engaged
• Companion Gallery: Material Mugs VI, Michelle Ettrick, Juror
• Applied Contemporary: Hella Cup, Justin Paik Reese and Jamie Bates Slone, Jurors
• Clay Art Center: A Taste of Home, National Invitation Exhibition, Julia Galloway, Curator
• Morean Center for Clay: Member Show
• International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN) Flair with Dinnerware Exhibition: Co-Best of Show
• Florida Craft Arts Epicurean Delights: Honorable Mention; Dr. Jennifer Hardin and Emmanuel Roux, Jurors
• Morean Arts Center Holiday Show + Sale, Amanda Cooper, Curator
• Michigan Ceramics Biennial Exhibition & Competition: First Place, Functional/Emerging Artist; 2020; Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Juror
• Southern Miss Ceramics National: Honorable Mention; Richard Notkin, Juror
• Morean Center for Clay Member Show
• Cracked Pot Studio Tour
> Michigan Ceramics Biennial Exhibition & Competition, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Juror comments 2020  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utlLoHYPRPI  :  @6:57
"These couple of plates here show a dexterity of the hand and use of playful narrative imagery in works that are wholly intended to be used so you get the pleasure of eating off of a painting and I think that’s always a wonderful thing.” Malcolm Mobutu Smith
> Clay Art Center, Virtual Artist's Talk; A Taste of Home, 2021  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TB-tLVSOZE  :  @22:56
• 2023 Pottery Making Illustrated, Pattern Play, September/October 2023
• 2022 Pottery Making Illustrated: Cover and featured article, Designing in Dialog with Animals; March/April issue
• 2022 Pottery Making Illustrated: PotLuck, Featured Artist, January/February issue
• 2021 International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN), 2022 Calendar, Surface Decoration, February
• 2021 International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN), 2022 Calendar, Sculpture, June
Artist Statement
My ceramic work is informed by a career as an award winning art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. I employ a variety of methods to create imagery on clay including graffito, Mishima, and traditional printmaking techniques, drawing inspiration from both personal and imagined conversations with nature.
Having spent most of my career designing with inks on paper, I am hyper aware of the contrasts of matte versus glossy surfaces; coated versus uncoated surfaces; the hue and saturation of color; and the overall visual impact of layering with subtle nuances. I bring all of my years of experience in the design arena to the clay surface, employing the use of underglazes alongside glazes and raw clay areas, while also utilizing lusters and gold leaf to create a tactilely inviting and visually seductive surface.  I achieve this through careful testing and a series of 4-5 firings, down through subsequently decreasing temperatures.
My goal is to achieve cleaner, brighter colors and visual patterns alongside textural components utilizing both glazed and unglazed surfaces in order to yield the juxtaposition of glossy, matte, and sometimes metallic finishes while also celebrating the beauty of the raw clay."
Born and raised in Michigan, I received a BFA with honors from Kendall College of Art and Design, with an Illustration emphasis. I am a practicing ceramic artist residing in St. Petersburg, Florida with a studio at the Morean Center for Clay. Having spent considerable time in my youth at the Toledo Museum of Art, I am influenced by the animals and stylized simplicity of Egyptian art forms.
With an educational background in illustration and graphic design, and my professional career as an Art Director working in advertising and marketing, I am primarily a self-taught ceramic artist. My clay journey began in a small community studio in Michigan which exposed me to throwing and allowed me the freedom to explore. After moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, I secured a studio at the Morean Center for Clay,  allowing me the opportunity to continually explore and experiment with both construction and surface design. I am a seeker of knowledge, always looking for my next challenge. 
I have been included in a multitude of shows including the 25th San Angelo Museum National Ceramic Competition (2024), Red Lodge Clay Center Juried National VII (2023), Hunterdon Art Museum Clay Bash (2023), among others. I have been featured in Pottery Making Illustrated (cover and article, March/April 2022), and recognized with numerous awards including the Director’s Choice Award 2023 (Red Lodge Clay Center); Tim Salen Memorial Award, 2023 (Morean Art Center); Co-Best of Show, Flair with Dinnerware, 2021 (International Ceramics Artist Network, ICAN); and First Place, Emerging Artist, 2020 (Michigan Ceramics Biennial Exhibition and Competition).